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Dr. Porfirio M. Recio, recognized as the Father of Colorectal Surgery in the Philippines, was the first Filipino surgeon who formally trained in colorectal surgery under Professor Harry E. Bacon at the Temple University in Pennsylvania, USA. Subsequently, three more Filipino surgeons: Dr. Teodoro P. Nuguid, Dr. Carlos M. Magsanoc, and Dr. Romeo R. Gutierrez went for colorectal surgery training in the same prestigious institution. Dr. Felix H. Tambuatco had his colorectal surgery training in Presbyterian Hospital in Pennsylvania, USA; Dr. Mariano V. dela Cruz in Buffalo General Hospital in New York, USA; both Dr. Teodoro M. Collantes and Dr. Redentor G. Pagtalunan in Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA; and Dr. Miguel V. Ampil at the Milwaukee County General Hospital in Wisconsin, USA. In 1961, Dr. Recio, when he was a member of the Board of Regents of the Philippine College of Surgeons, recommended that colorectal surgery be recognized as a distinct specialty.

In 1969, the nine distinguished colorectal surgeons organized the Philippine Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (PSCRS), and was previously called “Samahan Pilipino ng mga Siruhano ng Isaw at Bitukamtuwid.” In March 8, 1969, the first inauguration and oath – taking of the officers of the PSCRS were held at the Manila Hilton. Dr. Recio became the first President of the society, Dr. Tambuatco served as the Vice President and Dr. Nuguid served as Secretary – Treasurer. The rest of the founding fellows include Dr. Ampil, Dr. Collantes, Dr. dela Cruz, Dr. Gutierrez, Dr. Magsanoc and Dr. Pagtalunan. Dr. Ambrosio F. Tangco was the Guest of Honor and the Inducting Officer.


The Presidents of the Society:

In 1982, the first Residency training program in Colon and Rectal Surgery in the Philippines was started in the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital by Dr. Magsanoc (Section Chief) and Dr. Gutierrez. The first graduate of the program is Dr. Alberto B. Roxas. In 2001, a second training program was launched at the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center with Dr. Jonathan M. Asprer (Section Chief), Dr. Manuel Francisco T. Roxas and Dr. Robert L. Chang. It was originally a one-year fellowship training program. It became a two-year fellowship training program in the year 2011, which includes a 3-month rotation abroad, to accommodate the variety of advances in the field of colorectal surgery and to harmonize with the ASEAN colorectal fellowship training programs in the region. At present, there are eleven Colorectal Surgery Fellowship Training Programs in the Philippines:





In 1992, the Philippine Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery was created to be the examining arm of the PSCRS. Its mission is to maintain the highest standards in the practice of colon and rectal surgery in the country.

With its rich history, and with the infusion of fresh and dynamic members, the PSCRS is expected to grow even further, strengthening its leadership role in the development of colon and rectal surgery in the Philippines.